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Book Description

Through his many years of experience of preaching and teaching the gospel in Asia and around the world, Rev. Norman Holmes shares some excellent keys to effectively proclaiming the message of the Gospel. Some of these keys are:

  • The importance of preaching
  • The preparations for a preacher
  • How to choose what to preach
  • How to prepare a message
  • The use of illustrations
  • Grace and anointing place a great role in our sermons



Rev. Norman Holmes is a musician, worship leader, teacher, and missionary who has led teaching and worship seminars in many nations. He also directs several Bible schools, conducts pastor’s seminars, and has written six books that are being used around the world in many languages.


Rev. Holmes and his wife Linda currently reside in Manila, Philippines and direct Zion Ministries Philippines which trains and sends out missionaries, conducts seminars, and distributes Bible literature to over fifty nations around the world.

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