Zion Spring Convention 2018 MP3


10 days

Listen for FREE online! https://www.zionfellowship.org/media-conventions/

MP3 of Zion Fellowship International's 2018 Spring Pastors' Convention. The MP3 on a CD will be shipped upon purchase. Contains 25 Tracks of Worship Services, Special Music, Messages, and Testimonies. 

Special Music: "Qui Montera" by Jason Sigsby (translated into French) and "Manifeste Ta Gloire" by Justin and Sarah Kropf (in French), "Please Give Me More of You" by Rebecca Russell, O Church Arise as Men's Special 

Messages: Overcoming Discouragement by Pr. David Wallis, Having Good Foundations by Dr. Paul Caram, Where's the Steak? by Pr. Justin Kropf, The Highway to Zion by Pr. Daniel Caram Sr., Wisdom from Above by Pr. Daniel Humphreys, Looking Unto Jesus by Pr. David Kropf, Complacency or Faithfulness by Pr. Daniel Gazaway, Two Questions and Three Statements by Pr. Paul Webb, A Living Hope by Pr. Robert Tucker Jr., Becoming a Spiritual Father by Pr. Robert Tucker Sr.

Testimonies: Pr. Aaron Viola, Pr. Daniel Kropf, Pr. Jason S.

Ladies' Meeting: Building Up Zion by Sarah Kropf, History Mystery and My Story by Tamara Webb

Youth Meeting: Living a Successful Christian Life by Pr. Frank Anderson

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