Joshua, The Book Of

CODE: 1-890381-80-2


30 days

Book Description

Soldiers in battle, nations at war, families and tribes living in a new land – how is this all relevant for us? Rev. Norman Holmes will show how the Book of Joshua has many important spiritual parallels and prophetic applications for today. Join us as we study the following topics and many more:

  • Obtaining our inheritance in Christ
  • Why we are the Joshua Generation
  • Fighting our battles in the heavenlies
  • How God turns curses into blessings
  • Experiencing the crucified life
  • Why “getting the blessing” is not enough
  • Obtaining a circumcised heart
  • How to multiply your ministry



Rev. Norman Holmes is a musician, worship leader, teacher, and missionary who has led teaching and worship seminars in many nations. He also directs several Bible schools, conducts pastor’s seminars, and has written six books that are being used around the world in many languages.

Rev. Holmes and his wife Linda currently reside in Manila, Philippines and direct Zion Ministries Philippines which trains and sends out missionaries, conducts seminars, and distributes Bible literature to over fifty nations around the world.

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